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JoAnn & Joel Bacon


Collaborating with children's author Renata Bowers, JoAnn and Joel Bacon share the spirit of their daughter, Charlotte, through this magical, funny, and endearing story.  Through Good Dogs, Great Listeners the Bacons combine Charlotte's bold sense of imagination and love for dogs - and her reluctance to read - with their own personal experience with therapy dogs. 


JoAnn and Joel own all rights to this book and, as such, will use it to support initiatives related to literacy as well as the use of therapy dogs for children - including the Charlotte's Litter Therapy Dog Program, which they founded to advocate for the use of therapy dogs in schools and societal settings. 


Joel and JoAnn live in Connecticut with their son, Guy, and their two dogs -  Lily and Luther.


JoAnn and Joel Bacon

Renata Bowers


What would the world look like if all children dreamed big and believed in their stories?  It’s that single question that defines and drives the work of children’s author Renata Bowers.


Author of the national award-winning Frieda B. series of children’s books, Renata created fictional character Frieda B. (and her loyal, lovable dog, Zilla) to encourage boys and girls to dream big and believe they, too, are free to be their own one-of-a-kind, very important story.


The decision to collaborate with the Bacons and write Good Dogs, Great Listeners came easily for Renata:  “While I haven’t before considered authoring a story for someone else… Once I met Joel and JoAnn, and learned of what they wanted to do – to capture Charlotte’s bold sense of imagination and love of dogs, in order to tell a story that can make a difference in the world – it was such a perfect pairing with what I already do and believe in… We had a connection from the start, and I was all in.  I love this family.”


And she dearly loves her own.  Renata and her husband, David, and their two sons, Hunter and Garreth, live in a quiet rural town in Northern Connecticut.




Renata Bowers

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Guy A. Bacon


Guy Bacon is currently 13 years old. He wrote The Dogs of Newtown when he was 11 years old.  He wanted to share the story of the therapy dogs that visited his school in  Newtown, Connecticut, following the death of his sister, Charlotte, at Sandy Hook Elementary School.


Guy lives in Newtown, CT. He has a mom, dad, sister, Charlotte, two dogs, Lily and Luther, two gerbils, Snow and Butterball, and a beta fish called 'Beat-um-up'. Guy enjoys Tae Kwon Do, tennis, playing with his dogs, eating sushi, and spending time with his family. Guy feels passionate about therapy dogs.









Guy A. Bacon

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